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Book A Private 1-on-1 Nail Class Experience with Me

Explore our exclusive one-on-one classes designed to cater to every skill level. Whether you're starting for the first time, wanting to level up your skills, or seeking the ultimate experience in both the nail skill and business insights, we have the perfect class for you. Read below ūüĎá and get started on a learning experience that takes your nail game to new heights!


2 Day Beginner's Class -> Get started on your nail career with my 2 Day Beginner's Class! This is perfect if you are just getting started or if you are at an intermediate level, this course is designed to establish a strong foundation in your acrylic nails. Here's what you'll be learning:

 Day 1: Manicuring Fundamentals

- Sanitation and Disinfection: Dive into the essentials, from creating your supply list to mastering sanitation and disinfection practices.

- Nail Prep: Learn the art of preparing nails, including cleaning and shaping techniques for a flawless canvas.

- Nail Drill Mastery: Learn how to operate your nail drill a.k.a the e-file) for precision and efficiency.

-Nail Shapes: Learn how to make create nail shapes. I will be teaching square, coffin, almond and stiletto shapes. 

Day 2: Understanding Acrylic Powder 

- Acrylic Application: Step-by-step guidance on applying acrylics, ensuring you create and understand the acrylic structure/apex of the nail with confidence.

-Reshaping: Learn how to smoothen out and touch up the shape after the acrylic is laid to make a long lasting shape. 

- Professional Insights: Gain valuable industry insights, tips on  client servicing, and navigating the dynamic world of nail art.

Throughout the course, I'll demonstrate each step, and you'll have the opportunity to practice under my supervision with constructive feedback.

Nail Kit and the Ultimate Acrylic Guidebook are included to support your learning journey.

Cost of Investment: $1500

Ready to kickstart your nail career? Check out upcoming dates and book your spot [HERE]. Let's create beautiful nails together! 




The next class I offer is the:

Intermediate to Advanced Nail Workshop-> Get help from a professional to pin point your weakness and take your craft to THAT LEVEL in 4-5 hours!

 In this course you will choose to elevate your nail skill:

-Mastering your troubles like how to structure you acrylic body.

-Shaping to Perfection

-Advance in strategic crystal placement & crystal adhesion

-Encapsulated Designs

-Acrylic or Gel Design

Whatever your struggle, pick 2 focal points and we will master them.

    During the course you may ask me questions on building/retaining clientele, tools+lighting, professional nail products etc. 

    No nail kit included but you can add-on a master nail art kit. 

    Cost of Investment: $750 

    Cost of Investment with Nail Kit: $950

      Ready to elevate your nail game? Secure your spot now and get on¬†track to become a master nail tech! Limited slots available ‚Äď Click HERE to invest in your skills and unlock a new level of expertise!¬†




      The third class I offer is the:

      The Ultimate Nail Experience: 2-Day Nail Mastery & Business Insights -> In this transformative workshop, dive deep into elevating your nail techniques and learn essential business skills needed to thrive in the competitive beauty industry.

      Day 1: Master Your Nail Techniques:
      - Master Shaping: Learn how to get the sharpest nail shape, tailored to individual preferences and styles.
      - Acrylic Apex/Structure: Learn the intricacies of achieving the ideal acrylic apex and structure for long-lasting and stunning results.
      - Encapsulated Nail Designs: Explore advanced techniques in creating captivating encapsulated designs, including marbling, crystal placement, and 3D acrylic flowers.

      Day 2: Business Unleashed
      - Social Media Audit: Receive personalized feedback and insights as we audit your social media profiles to enhance your online presence.
      - Marketing and Branding: Discover strategies to market and brand yourself effectively, standing out in what may seem like a saturated market.
      - Content Creation: Understand the importance of content creation and learn how to craft compelling material to showcase your skills and attract clients.

      Additional Highlights:
      - Interactive Sessions: Engage in hands-on practice, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback.
      - Personalized Guidance: Benefit from one-on-one attention to address specific challenges and refine your techniques.
      - Business Strategies: Gain practical insights into building and expanding your beauty business, with a focus on the nail industry.

      Master Nail Kit is included. The Cost of this Investment is $1650

      By the end of this 2-day deep dive, you'll not only elevate your nail techniques but also acquire the essential business skills needed to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. It's a comprehensive experience designed to unleash your full potential as a nail professional. Reserve your ultimate nail class experience [here] 

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      Virtual Beginner's Acrylic Nail Course

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      Elite Nail Tutorial Membership


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