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2 Day Elite Nail & Business In Person Class

2 Day Elite Nail & Business In Person Class

Come enjoy my 2 Day Elite Nail and Business Class in March in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA. This is a group class with LIMITED to 4-5 seats for intimate teaching. It is not a beginner class. This class is focused on the intermediate/advanced nail artist. 

Each day 5 hours of teaching and learning. Start at 11AM ends any where from 5-8pm. I'm a breastfeeding mama so we'll have 2-3 breaks of 10-15 mins for feedings and a 30-45 min class lunch as well. I will be teaching for 5 hours however the whole time you are in my classroom you will be learning. Expect the class end time to vary from 5PM to 8PM we tend to go overtime. 

Class includes a nail kit and a workbook to take home (: 

You will also have access to Marie's Elite Nail Membership Tutorials for one month! It has over 90 tutorials! 

Day 1 on March 18th, 2023 -> Advanced Nail Techniques:

  • E-File/Shaping Techniques
  • Acrylic Encapsulated Marbling and Glitter
  • Crystal Designs/Placement
  • Gel Frenchs 

Day 2 on March 19th, 2023 -> Marketing and Branding:

  • How to build and keep clientele
  • How to run campaigns
  • Position your prices, and much more!

Book to reserve your seat here:

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Alexis 1 day ago

I have No education in this field at all. I would like to start from somewhere but I was told to attend a school for nails but then I can across this. Can I have more info Ron the beginners class and would I get a certificate or something? I want to be like you your story is incredible


How often do you teach your classes? I’m from another state but I really want to attend your courses, so I’ve got to plan ahead. Do you have summer/fall courses? ☺️💓

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