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2 DAYS WITH MARIE isn't for everyone . You ever heard the term "Time is Money" and Marie is very clear with her time and also be very clear with who her ideal client is (so she can serve YOU best). 

LOCATION: 2 DAYS WITH MARIE can be done in 2 places. #1 in the Beautiful City of San Diego where Marie lives. #2 You can catch Marie when she is in your city.

LEARN: Marie will work on your skill level ranging from Starting at ZERO to advanced skills.



2 DAYS WITH MARIE addresses the critical issues affecting nail technicians who are struggling with their technique and struggling to make a high six figure income. You'll spend an entire day with Marie together outlining in detail the next level of your business growth. You'll spend another entire day on your artistry skill and refine your nail technique. 

After your class, you get 30 FREE days of on-going mentorship via Calls, FaceTime Calls, and Text


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