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The Master Class San Diego [Deposit Only]

Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please read class details and always ask questions if you have one. I am here to help (: see you in class. 

Get ready!!! This is the Ultimate Acrylic Master Class. After this class you are going to elevate and have the biggest break through in your career.

December 10th 10AM to 6PM (Deposit is what you pay now and pay remaining balance on the day of class) 

Here what I am teaching: 

  • Master Shaping (going from 'Where's my shape?" to "The best shaping I've ever did!!!"
  • Faster Acrylic Laying and proper Apex Placement 
  • Marie's techniques behind crystals placement and retention 
    • Where to shop
    • What to buy
    • How I come up with the bling designs 
    • How I price crystals 
  • I'm going to walk you through I went from booked, busy and burnt out to -> booked but with time and money honeyyyyy! 
  • More on Acrylic Encapsulation, Marbling and French

With a kit your investment cost is $699 (deposit $250)

Without kit your investment cost is $499 (deposit $150) 

You can book class with or without kit which ever is in your budget. I want you to come and skip steps 1 through 10 and figure out what you have been missing. The keys are here and I'm teaching them without gatekeeping. I'm an open book ask about my teaching ❤️ See you in Class 

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